Reviewing 2013 and Welcoming the Year 2014

Reviewing 2013 and Welcoming the Year 2014
It has been a huge year in news, not only for Afghans but around the world.
From sports achievements and new technology announcements to celebrity deaths and tragic bombing, I will try my best to share some grand incidents and innovations in this post that you need to know to look at the 2013 year in review, but our full consideration will be on new technology announced in the year 2013. So in order to fully concentrate on the topic i have divided this topic into the following two main categories.

Sports, Celebrity and tragic bombings

In the last year world had lost so many precious lives. Nelson Mandela one of the greatest anti-racism politicians and Paul Walker the Brain O'Conner of "Fast & Furious" were among them. when the world was suffering tragic bombings in Afghanistan,
Iraq, Syria and Boston. at the same time Kate Middleton give birth to the Royal baby and world had some grand achievements in the field of sports as well, where Afghans gains more than 400 medals and brings their first Football Cup to Afghanistan by beating India in SAFF championship. In the same fashion the technology world also had some great and some flop inventions/innovations which we will discuss it in the following section.


As we mentioned above, here are some great and some flop announced technologies of year 2013.

Google Glass

With video, photo, maps, directions, search, email and path it promises to become one of un-ignorable accessories of your life. Google Glass is a wearable computer that will enhance your life, invade your privacy and make you look cool.

vehicle invisibility cloak

By using flexible LED mats Mercedes-Benz has created an invisibility cloak for a car which reproduces the background image of the car's surroundings. A camera has been mounted on the opposite side of the car that records the image and transmits it to the LED panel which displays the background while the car moves.

Amazon drone delivery

the drones which can carry up to 5 pounds up to 10 miles would cover almost 86 percent of goods amazon sell. The drone deliveries could become reality in four or five years.


Followings are some other new technologies which have been announced to the market in the year 2013.
  • Galaxy Gear smartwatch
  • Surface tablets
  • iPhone 5C
  • Facebook Home/HTC First
  • Wireless new entrants
  • BlackBerry 10
  • Mind controlled toy car
  • Massive neural network
  • Hyperloop Transportation system
  • Titan Arm exoskeleton

Welcome 2014

So finally here it comes the Year 2014, which we all were waiting for. i hope that you have started this year with peace and prosperity and wish that you all will have some great gains, achievements and will have a busy career in this year. if world is going to find its peace some day i wish that day would be out these upcoming 365 days. soon i will post my next topic so stay tuned with till then peace be on you..... J

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