What is The Purpose of The Startup Configuration File on a Cisco router?


Cisco devices store commands in two configuration files:

·         startup configuration

·         running configuration

Difference between a running configuration and a startup configuration.

Your devices run under the startup configuration when they reboot or turn on. The configuration file that the device is now running on is known as the running configuration. The main distinction is that although no modifications are made to the startup configuration file, the running configuration file incorporates all recent configuration changes you've made since the last device reboot.

Why do startup and running configurations need to be in sync?

The running configuration file, which is kept in the device's Memory, is updated whenever you make a modification to the configurations of the device. Consequently, any recent modifications to the running configurations that were made will be lost every time the devices restart as a result of a manual reboot or a power outage.

Device configurations are frequently changed to address flaws or boost performance. Rebooting a device unexpectedly will remove all previous changes, leave it vulnerable to assaults, and cause network outages. You should make sure that all modifications made to the running configuration of devices are replicated to the starting configuration in order to prevent similar errors.

How do you copy the running configuration to the startup configuration?

The running configuration will immediately receive the command you type in the global configuration mode. All configured commands will be lost if a device loses power since a running configuration is stored in RAM.

You must duplicate your existing configuration into the startup configuration in order to prevent this scenario. All configuration changes are saved even if a device loses power since a startup configuration is kept in nonvolatile memory.

Use the show startup-config and show running-config commands on a Telnet or PuTTY console to see the most recent iterations of the startup and running configurations. Then you may manually compare these configurations to one another, export them, and copy the modifications to the startup configuration.

You must enter the command copy running-configuration startup-configuration in order to copy your running configuration into the startup configuration.

Router#copy running-config startup-config

Destination filename [startup-config]?

Building configuration...



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